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The Japanese bamboo foot massager has been Japanese Toe Nail Fungus Code used in Japan for centuries as a highly effective reflexology tool for holistic maintenance of the body's health and for quick relief of chronic sore feet. In this article, I will give you some background on the history of this unique massage tool, explain how it is used, and tell you what benefits you can expect from using it yourself.

History of Bamboo Foot Massager

The Japanese bamboo foot massager is called "aodake-fumi" in Japanese, or "takefumi" for short. The literal meaning of "takefumi" is bamboo step, or step on bamboo. And in fact, that's exactly what this foot massage tool is.

During Japan's Edo period, citizens except for the military were not allowed to own horses, and of course cars had not yet been invented. Therefore, virtually all travel was done on foot.

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